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I’m a 30-year-old software developer, who enjoys spending time in front of a computer. I live in Hämeenlinna with my lovely wife and two children (firstborn bit over two years, younger only bit over 6 months old).

I work in a small software company called Oy Tawasta OS Technologies Ltd. My job is mainly to customize open source products such as Magento (eCommerce) and Odoo (ERP) for our clients’ needs. I also get to do server maintenance so that our installations run smoothly 24/7.

The best thing about my work is the variety – in some projects I get to create SSO between different systems (OIDC, OAuth2, JWT), in others I might end up parsing massive amounts of JSON-data seamlessly to our systems from an API (e.g. Finnish National Agency for Education’s systems eHOKS / Koski / Suoritusrekisteri, …).

For pleasure, I like to learn more about networking, virtualization technologies and new web development frameworks. After I purchased my first Ubiquiti product (UniFi UAP-AC-LITE) I got really interested how network can be managed. Afterwards I purchased also an Edgerouter – with this setup I studied how to create isolated LANs (using VLANs) to make my home network easier to monitor and more secure.


I’ve always had a thing for sports even though I’ve never been too fanatic about any of the sports I’ve tried. Ice hockey I played for over 10 years, but decided to retire since it started to feel too serious for my taste. After that I got interested about lifting weights at the gym – while studying at Tampere University of Technology I enjoyed going to the gym 4-5 times a week. The gym was right next door and it was open until 23 so especially the “bat shifts” (late night shifts) is when I enjoyed going to the gym. At that time the gym was less crowded so it was a perfect time for a workout for a shy nerd like myself.

I also got interested about badminton while studying at TUT. TUT offered badminton courts that students could reserve for practically free. We took advantage of this benefit for a few years and really enjoyed having intensive games with my friends. However after I graduated from TUT and couldn’t use these benefits anymore, both gym and badminton just got faded out of my life.

After moving back to my roots to Hämeenlinna I’ve been playing floorball twice a week. It’s mainly the same group of people that I used to play occasionally when I was at high school over 10 years ago. The youngest ones that have participated have been like under 10-years-old while the oldest ones have been over 60. Nevertheless, the games are always fun and get a good amount of sweat moving. I feel like at the moment floorball gives important balance to my life compared the static work life and other stuff that I enjoy doing on computer.


I graduated from Kauriala high school in 2011. After graduating I applied to Tampere University of Technology (aka TUT) to stydy information technology — at the time I didn’t know anything about programming, but I was enthusiastic to learn more about computers. Right away I felt programming to be really interesting and especially web development seemed compelling.

During my bachelor degree my major was software technology and information systems as my minor. I managed to get a job as a software specialist on last year of my bachelor degree in a small company called Tawasta. I did my bachelor’s thesis in this company – the thesis was about Odoo’s reporting capabilities. 

In my master’s degree I tried to select courses that were most beneficial for preparing me worklife. These consisted mostly of different kind of projects in small teams with other students. In one of these projects our six-man team won the award for best project (Project Work -course, 2017). My responsibilities in the project was quality assurance, UI and UX and localization. Project was implemented with Django. I did my master’s thesis while working in Tawasta. The topic for my thesis was about how helpdesk and support desk services could be implmented in Odoo. I graduated from TUT in summer 2018.


Work experience

Summer jobs (2005-2014)

Different kind of summer jobs such as a helper in local optician office, fishing for crabs, selling berries at the local grocery store, road maintenance, …


Different kind of summer jobs such as a helper in local optician office, fishing for crabs, selling berries at the local grocery store, road maintenance, …

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